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Web Development

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Web applications have become a necessity of modern world, it would not be exasperation if we say that it seems impossible to survive and make yourself and your business noticed without them, it has prevailed all over because of web browsers, cross operating system compatibility and maintenance-free approach for end users. 

We are committed to code web apps that ensure website functionality according to the owner’s requirements. Whether they are running small business or an enterprise. We deliver all web development ranges from creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications. We provide web development that aresecure, scalable, standard and, upgradable, awesome in looks and excellent in performance.

Agile Development

Our team of competent developers are keen to provide you a code which is reliable and effective. They focus on industry best practices and technologies meanwhile keep themselves up-dated with latest practices and tools of the field so that our client can enjoy fully the miracles of information age and grow personally and professionally.

Responsive to all screen

We focus on the interfaces that are for four corners. Gone are the days of fixed-width layouts, the concept of responsive layouts has been introduced and it laid the way to design a layout that are equally suitable for all screen sizes. We create designs that look beautiful on every device and make sure that the end user appreciate UI & UX. It will be nice experience for the users to navigate the website.

Scalable and Upgradable

We develop web solution that meet the challenging demands of ever-changing field. To keep pace with revolutionary age, everyone wish the solutions that can comply with newer and newer development in technology moreover we provide in-house maintainability and CMS.


Every business a developed enterprise organization or small startup has its own unique requirements, our developers fully insight the unique features and needs of your business and code customize solutions that really support you to groom your business.

Let’s together Grow your Business

SJaffar is here to develop a website that will be stunning user experience, high performance and maintainable. We focalize to facilitate you with a website that is coded by keeping in mind your market, business needs and company particular goals and objectives, we insight these all points through a complete communication and coordination with our clients and ensure outright success of their business.