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Asslam o Lakhum, Brother and sisters my name is Asif I was born in Pakistan, and came to England by road with my parents when i was only a year old, what a unforgettable journey that must have been, to which alhumdulilah I do not recall.

I have since lived in London for almost 50 years, and have seen many changes over this period, first of all I gotan education and a career in management which expanded over 20years, married at 21 we had four boys and settled in Croydon ever since.
What I had noticed over this period how easy it had got to get Halal products, but the word Halal was being mistreated as there wasn’t any legislation protecting it, and everyone was using it for their marketing purpose,muslims and non muslims.

My passion has always been, to understand Halal properly, I visited different abattoir and people in this industry, veryquickly I came across brother Muhammed from National Halal Food Group who had been in this business for over 50 years, his dad being first pioneer in setting up a halal industry.

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